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So, you found us!! The awesome speciality traveling slab sawmill service Da Slabba. We are located in Senoia, Ga just south of Atlanta and we love to cut large wood. We not only travel to cut slabs, we also cut them onsite as well as supply slabs to the country. 

For 2020 was have now added a slabmizer which will allow us to flatten and sand slabs, slices and table tops up to 72" wide and 17' long. Call us for your needs to say whether is is a boardroom table, kitchen island or that awesome resin project. 

I'm Tom Richards and I found a need for live edge slabs that we just couldn't find. Running a custom furniture and lighting business for the last decade we kept getting calls for large slabs. So you know I had so much time on my hands I said what the hell, Ill start a second business to fill this gap in our local state and southeast region market for large wood slabs. Why Da Slabba you ask, well why not, Dilly Dilly was already taken and once upon a time I remember going to get some slabs cut years ago. The funny thing was I couldn't understand the mill owner to save my life. I asked what he had to cut the slabs with and he said he had a slabba and we were going to cut them on Da Slabba, or so it sounded like anyway. Da Slabba was born from a long ago ridiculous story, but hey it works and Im writing this one. 

We would love to talk with you about your project even if you do not choose us for the work. If you have a question about wood types, drying, cutting, turn key projects or why we chose Da Slabba just drop us a line or give us a call. 


Phone: 770.680.9511

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68 Broad Street, Unit 1330, Senoia Ga, 30276