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          How much do you charge?
  • Several factors determine our pricing. Here are some basics; if we travel there is a mileage fee for anything over 15 miles. Whether we cut at your location or ours there is a $45 set up fee for the mill. From here we charge by the hour and for any damage to chains from foreign objects in the log we are cutting. 
How much can be cut in an hour?
  • Of course this type of work is not one size fits all and each tree cuts differently. For a general idea we can cut and stack slabs from a 12' long 46" wide pecan tree in about 3 hours time. This would be 3" slabs with a total of 9 slabs with the top and bottom caps also. 
Do you travel?
  • Yes we do and love to travel to jobs. There is really no limit to travel. Anything over 50 miles we do need a full day worth of work and will sometimes try and find other options in your area to make up some cutting time. 
Do you have wood for sale?
  • Yes we do cut our own slabs to sale. We have relationships with local tree services for a supply of wood and also local city and county contacts. We usually try and keep some wood on hand at all times but keep in mind it is a long process and most slabs are air dried for 280 plus days before going to the kiln. Species we try to keep are red, white, pin and water oak, poplar, hickory, pecan. Sometimes we have magnolia, maple, cypress, cedar, box elder and black walnut.