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Please give us a call email or smoke signal for slab pricing. We travel all over and charge a set up fee, loaded one way mileage and also per hour fees. There is a minimum charge for travel milling. Keep in mind that what we do benefits all parties involved in the process. Not sometimes but nearly 95% of the time, the wood we cut is worth more than the milling costs. Double digit and sometimes triple digit returns can be expected on your investment. 
Why not 100% of the time you ask, well a lot can happen after the fact. If you don't dry the wood properly it can devalue greatly. On top of that the market drives the wood pricing and also local competition, so look into this so you know if the numbers work for your project. 
We also sale our own wood. The two slabs closest to the pith of the log are the most valuable and then the wood can but doesn't have to change in price from there. The beautiful part of wood is that it can vary greatly with how it looks inside after being cut. This can greatly affect the price per foot. We sell buy the board foot when dry but also a discounted slab price if you want a fresh cut slab that you will be drying yourself. 
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