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     Extra wide sawmill service serving the Southeast including Georgia, Alabama, Florida, North and South Carolina, Tennessee and Mississippi. Specializing in live edge and wide wood slabs. Here at Da Slabba we love a challenge, we can handle a wide variety of services for you. From cutting a log that fell in your yard from the last storm, getting a damaged tree from your home place that is currently under contract to be sold and you only have 48 hours to vacate the property, all the way to just telling some awesome stories. You ask it and we will do our best to accommodate your request. 

Da Slabba has now added the slabmizer to our arsenal. This allows us to help process the wide slabs that we cut and sale. From table tops, tree cookies, kitchen islands, board wood tables, resin projects we can flatten and sand your slabs or ours. If you need help with a glue up, we can straight line your slabs with our Festool track saw also. Call us today to ask questions or book a time to mill, process or just to ask a crazy question. 

     Our mill is a Lucas dedicated slabber. Most band mills can handle up to 24" wide and the wide versions covering up to 36". Well we wanted more so we landed with Lucas and have the ability to handle 76" in width, 19" thick and over 20' in length. Calls come in the north Florida, Alabama, all over Georgia, South Carolina and Tennessee. We are willing to drive where ever to get the work done as long as we have a good story when it is all over. 

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